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Make it yours!

Want to capture a special day... a special memory ... a special place?

Ever thought it would be exciting to be part of the artistic process?

Your commission is the way!

Withrow Blue Meadow.jpg

Withrow's Blue Meadow

Inspired by multiple vacation picture's elements & all their favorite shades of blue, the Blue Meadow is perfect for their large living room wall.  The triptych is 3 panels and total 4 feet by 7 feet.

Venice Garden View

While standing in the middle of the Imperial Garden in Venice, the client snapped this view wanting to capture the essence of Venice.  The acrylic impasto with a palette knife brings their vacation to life every time they walk into the room.
2 retrievers.JPG

Fur Babies

What a great friend! 

A client just had to do something special for her friend's birthday.  The friend's fur babies were no longer with us, so my client commissioned this birthday gift. . . a gift of memories & joy!

Durango Aspens

It feels almost life-size when a 4' x 5' acrylic impasto in dimensional acrylic texture graces your wall.

While driving through the southern Rocky's in Colorado, this couple just had to pull over & capture the stunning autumn aspens.

Working together we created a great composition that's full of shimmering iridescent aspen leaves & aspen trunks that your can touch.


How Does It Work

  1. Let's meet & talk about what you want, your style, colors for the room, & your ideas. The consultation is free.

  2. We'll discuss a few design ideas & then I'll return with colors & a couple of samples to see if I caught your vibe.

  3. Once we agree on what you want, it's only one-third down for me to get started.

  4. Half way through the painting or at a point I can still make changes, I bring the artwork for you to check it out so you can have key input.  It's your painting! Just another one-third is due.

  5. I'll make the changes you request & when finished, there will be an installation in the artwork's location.  The final payment of one-third is made.

  6. Now this is the extra special touch.  After living with the painting for a month, we'll touch base & you get one more chance to make any final little touches.


Why Do It This Way

​Your collaboration is extremely important.  You can be as involved as you want to be.  It's important that you love the artwork.

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